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We're speaking Turkmen.


I'm learning music.

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Her friends waited for her by the gate.


He hurried in order to get the bus.

You must overcome the difficulties.

He's afraid of dogs.

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We've made a very interesting discovery.

Love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage.

"How pretty she is!" said Ben to himself.

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Why don't atheists believe in God?

Be silent, or say something better than silence.

I've heard it all before.

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I'm sorry, could you repeat that please?

That problem is too simple.

I really like this singer.

You have to change trains at the next stop.

What's the benefit of this?


The damage has already been done.

Does he know what you did?

Marvin was chosen by lottery.

Dirk didn't even notice that Dewey was flirting with him.

We wish to advise you of the following price reductions.

Rajarshi doesn't want to answer.

Raghu knew better than to argue with Deb.


I'll be there in a moment.


Are you a member of this crew?


Mr Smith founded this school forty years ago.

Anybody want a lift?

I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Kit's budget contained a lot of guesstimates.

Bangkok is Thailand's capital city.

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These people are anything but innocent.

On some OS's you get gibberish for filenames with full-width characters so when downloading please change to a suitable filename.

How can you help Diana?

He speaks as if he knew the criminal.

"For the umpteenth time, turn down the music!" Roberta's mother yelled.

Do you know the rules of football?

The second test is a great improvement on the first.

I think we should help Slartibartfast.

Don't leave your drink unattended.


This TV show tackles issues of teenage pregnancy and homosexuality.

They were satisfied with the meals.

Dalton likes being on the beach mostly because it gives him an opportunity to practice making sand stoats.

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I completely forgot about her.


They are going to get married tomorrow.

It seems to have gotten colder.

This doesn't concern me.

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I told you I need a few more days.

Joanne didn't have time to think.

My grandfather, who has an old-fashioned attitude, complains about how girls dress nowadays.

Don't say anything to anybody about what I told you.

What could I give Hartmann for his birthday?

He will be here today.

I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.

Why should we believe you?

Someone somewhere must care.

Your question does not have an answer.

He couldn't get his ideas across to the students.

I will do it on condition that you support me.

He has just bought a used car.

Panzer said he was in no hurry to go home.

If I'd wanted to go, I would've said so.


I can't speak French or German.

It is very careless of you to leave the door open.

He's a notorious liar.

Derrick dropped his drawing in the tub and is now trying to salvage it with a hair dryer.

How did Ramanan get his hands on so much money?

How could you do that to them?

The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

We need some coffee.

I feel good this morning.

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I'll stay with her.

This blog covers topics that centre on information infrastructure.

As it happened, I left my homework at home.

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Dan confessed to Linda that he was dying.

That's what we're working on.

Heather was fascinated by everything he saw.


I haven't yet met anyone I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

I don't want to walk. Let's take a cab.

The girls shed tears after reading the novel.

She talks everything over with her parents.

Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song Sarah sings.

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From time to time she looked outside to see whether it was still snowing.

He was called away on business.

That's so funny.

Ray is the only one I've told.

She got to the other side in 10 minutes.

Please don't do that.

Hey, you're early.

I opened one.

I have learned many lessons.

The dogs bayed at the full moon.

Novo should've known that we'd be here today.

I told Mwa I was hungry.

Part is one hundred percent wrong.

What name did you give the bird?

Do you have any idea what's in the box?

I thought it was a coincidence.

Why doesn't she give me presents anymore?

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The girl under the tree looks sad.


I really wish you wouldn't do that.

Not if I have anything to say about it.

I apologized for having been late for school.

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A 19-year-old Canadian broke the world record last month for a nonstop, round-trip swim across the English Channel.

My grandfather died of a disease at eighty.

I can't tell you how worried I've been.

We're not going to force Samir to do this.

You've been deceived.

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I finished writing the syllabus last week.


Your handwriting is very good.

Did you hear what happened at school last Monday?

Plastic laughed as he read Kathryn's letter.

Would you call a doctor?

Trevor hasn't watched TV yet.

A dog controls its temperature by panting with its tongue out.

Don't watch TV.


Details weren't immediately available.

He was first elected to the Senate in 1984.

Can I take off early?


Do you suppose I should attach the web page's URL on those occasions?

It's dinnertime.

I still can't believe you didn't say anything.


All around is silence.

You've never seen one of these before, have you?

Alan, you're way ahead of me.

Knowest thou whence thou comest through the forest vale?

Why don't you trust me?

Hugh works in a supermarket.

Our dog was nearly run over by a car.

No one noticed the bear's appearance.

How many apples have you eaten today?

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What should I have done in that situation?

There's something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.

I could barely speak.

I will shoot.

Shove a stick up your ass.

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My success is largely due to your help.

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It's not a failure.

Duane Jackson has become an old lady.

This dictionary is good.


Beliefs are not liable to verification.

There was snow on the island of Lulus on January 14, 2012.

I couldn't make out what he meant by 'megafeps'.

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He came up with me.

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Kimberly and I often help each other with our homework.

Are you related to her?

What happened didn't surprise me.

I study English after dinner.

Bryce still lives with his mother.

Rick said this was wrong.

"Today, Tatoeba is barely being used because the weather is so nice," said Jock. "That doesn't make any sense," said Maria in response. "The weather is certainly very different in the different regions of the world."

Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

Wolf waited for the bus.

It's a half hour till lunch.

Leslie is very petty.

His heart beated slowly.

There is some wind.

I quickly saw through his game.

Roxane didn't know what to expect.

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Francois and I plan to have three children.

Would you help me for a minute?

Betty wants to be an engineer.


Perry told me he was hungry.