I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.


We haven't eaten yet.

Who is the author of this book?

My perspective is similar to yours.


Beware of the gorilla.


The problem is that Donne doesn't always do his homework.

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Do you like Joseph for a name?

If I got rich, I would buy it.

They speak about the sponsor even in these days.

He is engaged to my sister.

If Buddhism is attractive, it is because it appears as a possibility of touching the infinite and obtaining happiness without having any concrete religious obligations. A spiritual auto-eroticism of some sort.


Does Jarmo know that?

Cats like fish in particular.

He won a dramatic success.

Ernst has been trying to find a new apartment for quite a while.

This is very important meeting. You ought not to miss it.

I had lunch around eleven because I was hungry.

I don't know you anymore.

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Tell us what you need.

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Gravity pulls things toward the center of the earth.

Are you going to be at this afternoon's meeting?

I had a premonition.

Be careful in there.

She gave him the money.


Cut your coat according to your cloth.

He must be at home. I see his car in his garage.

Moreover, freedom in the United States is indivisible from the freedom to practice one's religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.

We're excited about the possibilities.

Children were running to and fro in the park.

When he was young, he liked to go by bike.

I can't wait to see you guys again in March.

The boy standing over there is my son.

I'm not going to quit now.

I ate with my baby brother.

I can make this go away.

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She didn't want to dance with me.

Keith took off his shirt.

That's not very good, is it?

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In the 80's, things were really quite different.

We're not doing anything tonight.

I am free from work today.

He has no friends to talk with.

A tuft of hair showed from underneath her cap.

I'm sure he'll pass the upcoming exam.

Write your congressman.


To translate a Czech text is very difficult.

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Gigi knew something bad had happened.


He trusts me.

The students assembled in the classroom.

Are we going to have to sleep here?

What in the world happened?

I won't leave you.

The number of private colleges has increased.

Suyog couldn't explain it very well.

Have a seat.

That was a good trick.

Everything else is boring.

They absolutely detest each other.


I sat down next to her.


Use your brain.

A short line bus is one that exits the route before reaching the end of the line.

You so going to pay for this, Price!


Trying suggested I go with him to Boston.

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Something is strange here.

Both his grandfathers are dead.

In a democracy, it is important for journalism to be independent.

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I know Latin.


I'm standing outside the church right now.

You'll be happy again.

I don't care about being cool.

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She was within an ace of saying "I don't know".

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Should I call you a cab?

In the United States there is a census every ten years.

The house appears to be empty.

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How can we trust on this plan if it is talked about in such overblown terms?.

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Gene signed in.


I can do it.

I took him out for a walk.

I'm impressed with you.

Root is the one I've been looking for.

Turn off the engine.

A foolish impulse made me say what I should have left unsaid.

Lay this aside for me.

Mechael fell off his chair.

Advertising sells products over the air.


It may hurt.

Not a star was to be seen.

Heinz doesn't sound very optimistic.

Don't waste money on clothes, Julie. Save money!

Soja is a animal food proteins.

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An impatient driver forced his way through the crossing against the red light.

I want my freedom.

I'm glad you told me about him.


By the time Mariou realized what was happening, it was too late.

I brought you a present.

He held on to the rope.

Charles went haywire.

She gave me this compact disc.

How much does an entrance ticket cost?

Could you at least tell me where we're going?

Let Roxanne carry it.

Do circuses still have freak shows?


Does Mosur want me to call back?

I'm a little squeamish.

Good morning.

I want you to tell me the truth.

We took the liberty of putting your candidacy on hold.

Such was his eloquence that everybody was moved to tears.

Make some hot tea for yourself.


He will not be ready.

There are several kinds of cloud formations.

She wore heart-shaped earrings.

She baked a pie.

Sylvan speaks with a southern accent.

The women of France are beautiful.

I started thinking about her.

Are you here?

There's nothing that can keep us apart.


We can talk in front of Trent.


Don't you want a cup of tea?


Whichever you choose, make sure it is a good one.


We have to make a plan.


The thought of being eaten alive was both frightening and intriguing.


I agree with what Masanao wrote.


When did you start working here?

Christofer added his name to the list of people who wanted to attend the dance.

Sriram has been to Boston a number of times.

You have to paint the whole house all by yourself? You sure have your work cut out for you.

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

How salty this soup is!

I was able to answer all the questions.

Do you think I'm getting fat?

I can't picture Rees in a dress.

I'm troubled by split ends.

Are you going to school tomorrow?

He often plays the guitar.

My dad didn't eat.

When Brendan discovered Tatoeba, he was immediately determined to make sure stoats were properly represented within the corpus.

He went around the neighborhood collecting signatures.

Olaf took the CD out of its case and put it into the player.

Can I ask Marla about that?

It doesn't have to be that complicated.

He's a friend of my brother's.


Teresa and Jinny are both still single.

Rajeev asked Dewey to join his team.

You're no better than me.

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Pedro thinks that he's always right.

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The man puffed smoke into her face.

It was pure luck.

He considered himself lucky.

Don't talk while you're eating.

He is displeased with their way of reception.

The computer was very useful.

After fifteen years at a building firm, Bill Pearson was given the responsible position of area manager.

This is a hard language to learn.

I'm glad you asked me for advice.


You see the sun very little.


The newspaper said that contact with the plane had been lost.