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General avaibility (GA)

December 14, 2016 (10:00:00 UTC)
First arrived, first served

Trademark Claims Period

December 07 2016 to March 07 2017

Domain Life Cycle

Add Grace period : 5 days
AutoRenew Grace Period : 45 days
Redemption Grace Period : 30 days
Pending delete Period : 5 days
Regiser your cam domain name dot Cam Team - April 2017 - Celebrating the development of the project !

Online pioneer website

Davos - Live webcam website

The well known Switzerland ski resort Davos Klosters has just started using Davos.CAM domain, making it the first .CAM domain being live, helping them to better promote their ski slopes live webcams and generally their live webcams streams.

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AC WebConnecting Holding B.V. administers the operation of .cam and is the primary contact for any inquiry relating to .cam domains.

If you wish to report any activities taking place on a .cam domain which could be considered to be abuse, such as phishing activities, copyright infringement or similar, which may constitute a breach of our policies you can contact the Abuse Department by email or alternatively by post to AC WebConnecting Holding B.V. at the address appearing on this page.
The primary contact for any enquiry is General Enquiries that you can reach at 714-264-6271, while the primary contact for any abuse reports is the Abuse Department that you can reach at 520-423-6866.

Registry contact information

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Phone : +31 104 054 473
If you have any questions about our .cam policy registration, please contact our 24/7 online support.
General Enquiries:
Abuse Department:   (214) 761-1797
Billing Department:
Please be aware that by utilising regular mail for any reason will be subject to delivery times. We advise the use of emails to one of the above addresses.

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