Get Started with 3DX Media

Get started with 3DX Media

3DX Media offers cost-effective online product marketing to companies wanting to reach the 3D design and engineering community.

From 3D online product publishing to targeted banner, email, and corporate marketing, we work with you to position your products and your company to reach any segment of a 14 million global user network.

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Get in front of 14 million users looking for products like yours

A global Network gives you access to millions of engineers and design professionals looking for supplier provided 3D product content searching online every day for products like yours. Give them what they want, 3D product models that they will download right into their designs!

Our Global Network

3D Product Publishing

3D Product Publishing

Re-purpose, Create, Publish

We make it easy and affordable to turn your existing product data into your most valuable online content. Give us your product data and we'll create the catalog!


3DX Media Distributor Program

Our program is designed to create a win/win for you and the suppliers you represent. You win because 3D online product catalogs generate sales. Your suppliers win because we make online catalog creation fast, easy and affordable!

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Lead Generation

3D online product catalogs generate leads and increase sales

Over 80% of downloads result in sales. Understanding your customers' product selection process gets you the highest quality sales leads.

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Lead Generation

Online Marketing


Target millions of designers and engineers with cost effective online marketing programs crafted to meet any budget

We offer cost-effective programs that focus on customer retention, ROI, content marketing, and social media. Let's work together to create a program that meets your needs and budget.

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