Mani Zandifar

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Texas A&M University and I work onthe STAPL projectinthe Parasol Lab.My research focus is on skeleton-based parallel programming. I have combined ideas from skeleton-based, dataflow, and flow-based programming and introduced the STAPL Skeleton Framework, a scalable, efficient and extensible framework for shared and distributed parallel programming.

I am working on a high-level approach for parallel and distributed programming as a part of theSTAPLproject named the STAPL Skeleton Framework. In this framework, we hide the notion of parallelism by abstracting the underlying details of a parallel program from its specification and let the programmers focus on the algorithmic details of their programs. In the STAPL Skeleton Framework, I have combined ideas from data flow programming, flow-based programming, and algorithmic skeletons to form the first scalable skeleton framework over 100,000 cores.


After finishing my master's, I started working in the5754889465on the6189070120. During the short period that I was in the group before starting my PhD I added the support for radio communication on ContikiOS and its simulator to Darjeeling.

I received my master's degree in Computer Science fromTU Delftin 2009. My research focus was on higher-level and abstract models for parallel computing. Inmy thesis, I defined an abstract VRDF model for reduction operation which enabled static scheduling for multi-level computation. In addition, I developed an Eclipse plugin called LIMEclipse which is a visual programming tool for theLIME programming back-end.

University of Tehran

I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran in 2007, during which I developed a RAD tool for AJAX-based web portals.