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Looking for someone who is flexible? Do you need your project delivered on time? Do you need someone who is punctual, professional, and affordable?

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Flexibility and Punctuality

About Me

I provide simple, yet professional solutions to clients around the world,
creating content designed to draw attention and serve a purpose.

My History

I am but a simple soul simply leading a simple life. I work in web development and I play with kittens during my free time. What more do you need to know?

My Vision

To provide personal-yet-professional services to my clients at an affordable rate.

Everyone needs to know the numbers

Important Data

Here, you’ll find a few important numbers in order to help you get a better feel for who I am. As it currently stands, the number of clients I’ve helped is fairly small – this is due to the fact that I haven’t dedicated the time to marketing my skills and reaching out to people. Obviously, I hope to change this in the future.

$ 30 / hr
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$ 10 / mo
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