It all began with a bunch of 0's and 1's. My father rooted me into networking and IT as a child. My love for electronics, retro-style gaming and music brewed the perfect storm that developed my passion for high end audio/video and control systems. I began with custom installation over 15 years ago, and today I project manage, engineer, program, install and teach a fleet of 65+ technicians by working at thier side in the field, developing their installation techniques, customer service interactions and programming intricacies.


  • Project Manager Commercial A/V Division

    ASE Telecom & Data - Miami, Florida

    July 2017 - Present

    Hired to develop a competitive Commercial A/V division to service clients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, FP&L, Bacardi, the Miami Dolphins and more. This has been my most challenging undertaking thus far.

  • Technical Trainer / Staff Development / PM

    Acoustic Architects - Miami, Florida

    March 2009 - July 2017

    While many hats were worn over the years, my most important role here was field training our technicians from the ground up, equipping them with the skill level to provide a true "White Glove" level of service.

  • Installer, System Engineer, Programmer

    Logical Concepts - Miami, Florida

    Febuary 2006 - Febuary 2009

    Handling both residential and commercial clientle, I was given full freedom to design, engineer, and impliment all of our projects. Logical Concepts helped to build my confidence beyond anything I thought I could achieve.

  • Crew Chief Installer / Programmer

    Sound Advice - Miami, Florida

    January 2000 - Febuary 2006

    My first entry into custom A/V, this is where I truly fell in love. I began with mid level installations and basic programs as well as training field techs. Sound Advice was the foundation from which I built from.



Service & Troubleshooting100%



Project Management70%







Analytical Skill80%


English (Native)100%







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Savant Level II Certified
Febuary 2013

Completed the level II exam to become a certified programmer for Savant control systems and Racepoint Blueprint software.

Crestron Level II Certified
April 2010

Completed the level II exam to become a certified programmer for Crestron Simpl windows programming environment, as well as Digital Media, Toolbox, Vision Tools Pro, and D3 Pro.

Microsoft Certified Professional
January 2001

Microsoft prerequisite to the MCSE certification, completed with a score of 98%.

Wyrestorm Product Certified
August 2017

Completed the entire Wyrestorm Bluevolt product and programming course with a perfect score of 100.

Dolphins Cycling Challenge
Febuary 2014

In Febuary of 2014, I did something I never thought my body would be capable of... I cycled for 170 miles in a sponsored race to raise money for cancer research. I trained for about 6 months prior and pushed my body to the limit during the race.

Peachtree Road Race 10k
July 2016

Every year I race this 10k with my father. It's a great event, and in 2014 it was the first time I was ever able to push my body to run 6.22 miles without stopping. I've bested my previous time each consecutive year.


Growing up, video games and music have always held a special place in my heart. In the last few years I have reinvented myself physically and now focus on proper nutrition and fitness. I've studied the Japanese language and culture for some years now, and have always been fascinated by computers, software, and anything similar.

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Japanese
  • Science
  • Linux


  • 470-499-0375
  • Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia