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You've given me your cold.

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He plays golf on weekends.

I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

I'm as famous as you.


They slowly approached him.


Lin's father died last year.

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I could've done better, I think.

We played and laughed.

I wish I hadn't skipped breakfast this morning.

I do not want any bananas at all.

I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am.

Those glasses suit you.

She liked him right from the beginning.

Any improvement is good.

Everett was on the bus.

We sent them a copy.

Kamel wants you to do it for him.

These three hours of driving have worn me out. Let's stop at the first rest area we see.

You ought to keep quiet when people are talking.

I must do something.

Apparently, we'll be getting a raise within two months.


We're confident Ravi will do that.

I didn't feed the dog.

They hung their coats behind the door.

Intensive communication between teacher and student is the key to effective teaching.

Is it June already?


You don't need to panic.


Can you deal me in?

There were some ink stains on the cover of that book.

Don't fall in love with me.

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It goes without saying that he keeps his promise.

He is too old to walk quickly.

Nobody came to my country.

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I don't blame you for the accident; it was not your fault.

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When is the first bus to Boston?

I'm supposed to meet Helge at 2:30.

I think we could've done more to help.


Rebecca brought some pictures to show the class.

An own goal occurs when a player scores a goal into his team's net.

Martin asked Honzo where he should put his suitcase.


Am I wrong?


The professor teaches English conversation.

I'm little worried about them.

I will watch it.

I can't really discuss that.

I was in a lot of pain.

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You have a job, don't you?


He is able to play the flute.

There's not much happening here.

Well do I remember it.

They're all talking about his death.

Let's not discourage her.

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In the battle of ideas, science defeated conservatism.


He is at the head of the class.

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Here are the decisions we've come to.

Patty gave me a ride to school.

The ship is not equipped with radar.


You shot yourself in the foot!

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I punched him in the chin.

What good does it do a person to be beautiful?

The very pursuit of happiness thwarts happiness.


Monica always says the best way to ruin a good cup of coffee is to put cream and sugar in it.

She did not agree with him.

Marek told me not to worry.

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Striking differences existed between the two boys.

Seeing his mother, the lost child burst into tears.

He was admitted to that school without taking the exam.

Where did you learn all this?

After her maternity leave, she resumed her old job.

I was to go to school.

That might not be a good idea.

I have a broken zipper.

I've called ahead.

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Hurry along or you'll be late.

His poetry does not translate into Japanese.

I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.


At dinner time, don't speak with your mouth full.


Have you told him I'm here?

What do you intend to do with your future?

My mind is as bright and clean as a stainless mirror.

Look! They are leaving the house.

I'll take the blame.


Jill wanted to spend the weekend in Boston.

Move out of my way.

Many yachts are in the harbor.

Dan was glad to hear that Linda no longer dated Matt.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.

Stanly's plan saved us a lot of money.

Give the scraps to the dog.

We've been forgetting about Shannon.

The dog has a keen scent.

Roland hasn't answered my letter yet.

Hope you've enjoyed your bath!


Jarvis looked truly upset.

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You can't afford to antagonize Lila.


I've baked a cake for him.

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How easily one acquires bad habits!


I'll take care of it as soon as I can.

Piotr got up and walked out the door.

How did the thief manage to avoid being caught?

They are separated, and cannot touch.

I'm ready for Winston now.

I'm lazy.

Siegurd's new camera can take images with much higher pixel counts than his old one could.

I never got along with him.

What trifles are you making a great fuss about?


What are you sorry for?


Metin and Rudolph were there, too.

Jean-Pierre ran on the treadmill.

I like your books.

Kyouichi Saionji, who he supposed would win the duel, has lost.

I won't stand here all day.

The train went off the rails.

Will you give me something cold to drink?


He laid claim to the land.


You're starting to get really annoying.

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Stevan put his head down on the table.

Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?

I know what's wrong with me.

I'm sorry, the manager won't be able to see you. He's engaged.

I don't get opera.


Moore bent forward.


My computer crashed and I lost everything.


The horse is mine.


Have you become insane?

I have a friend living in Nara.

I looked at them.

He's waiting at the bus stop.

The more I think I about it, the less it pleases me.

That doesn't matter.

You're who I need now.


These flowers have a unique smell.

I want you to help me choose a book.

Donovan comes from a culture where women artificially color their lips and put holes in their earlobes.


I'll explain what happened.

I didn't tell Tim to come.

Max will come.

Where do you train?

She wears the trousers in that house.

Can't anything be done?

May I use your car today?


Mr Hoshino is hard to please.


I use animals to instruct people.


Would you care for some tea?

I am keen on learning English to a higher level. I want to take up my English skills to the next level!

Her look expressed her joy.

We should stick together.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Do not forget to attach your photo to the application form.

A car passed by in the dark.

I don't even like her.

The troubles of others are our own.

I feel like everyone is ignoring me.