Recognizing Good Gambling Sites

GamblingNowadays, there are many posh gambling sites offering their services to Brits, with big, attractive bonuses for both new and loyal players. However, it is never good to judge a book by its covers, so it goes without saying that you shouldn’t do it when choosing where to play with real money either. So, you probably know that the biggest issue is safety when playing on the Internet and eCogra plays an important part in seeing to it that players in the UK can enjoy a safe gambling environment. This non-profit organisation offers solid testing services, which can attest to the transparency and fairness of the games that they offer, but also makes sure that their payouts and the return to player percentages are accurate.

Other factors include a wide range of games, because at the end of the day, what good is a huge bonus if you have limited titles to play it on. In that aspect and many others, 888 Casino is the top contender for the best online casino, according to and after having tried it, I can’t help but agree with them. I mean as opposed to other operators, they offer a small and easy to play through bonus. So, first characteristic is at hand. Then, they feature games which are not only on their proprietary software, but also titles powered by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as NetEnt, Barcrest, Williams Interactive and many more.

And what is there to say about the live-dealer games that have taken over the iGaming industry? Well, it is no secret that Evolution Gaming are the best in the business and their games can be played at 888 Casino, making it once more the perfect choice. Evolution Gaming have even won the ‘EGR Game of the Year’ for their Immersive Roulette, so you can expect nothing but the best from their services. And the best combination is a good live casino provider and a rich menu of bonuses and promotions for live dealer fans. This recipe once more defines 888 Casino, since they extend a whole range of promotions such £8 every time the winning number is 8, hidden bonus cards in blackjack shoes and the list continues.

Another must when looking for the perfect casino to play at is a good, stable mobile app, no matter if it is a web-based one or one that you can download and install on your device. Most operating systems accept gambling apps, although of course iOS and Android devices have the upper hand. However, even some newer Windows devices will work well with both types of apps, so you will be able to play games on the go on almost any phone or tablet.

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Advantages of Playing at Online Casinos

I’d like to start off my blog with a summary of the advantages of playing at online casinos. To me personally, playing casino games online is much better than playing at a traditional, land-based casino. Naturally, some people would agree to that statement, while others may still prefer the real-life experience. However, even if you like brick and mortar casinos, you can still enjoy online casinos in-between your visits. Those are just some of the reasons, of course. There are also personal reasons you might find. So, here we go…


maskSometimes you just don’t feel like being the cheerful, polite, and chatty person everyone expects you to be. Maybe you’d like to shut the world off and have a break from all the socialisation. Yet, you’d like to play a casino game. Well, you certainly don’t have to go to a casino and suffer the consequences of meeting people. You can just stay at home and play online.


laptop-computerGetting ready to go out and play at a casino might cost you time and money. After all, who would want to look shabby at a lavish palace like that? But if you’re gaming online, you might just as well be a mess – nobody cares if you’re in your undies, a cheeseburger in one hand, a fag in the other. Fancy a quick game of blackjack at 4 am? No problem, online casinos have tables open around the clock.


Imagine you win a hefty sum at a casino but on the way home you get mugged. If you’re playing online, that can’t happen. All your winnings are transferred via a payment method of your choice. The connection to the casino is safe and all your data – secured by an encryption.

Cheating Is Legal

lyingYes, you heard right. Cheating at online casinos is fine. Whether you like to use a strategy chart or practise your card counting skills, there’re no bouncers to keep an eye on you and ask you to leave and never come back when they catch you paying a little too much attention to the cards. And we all know that card counting can really change people’s lives. As far as strategy charts go, they are the perfect tool for blackjack newbies.

Exclusive Bonuses

When you go to a traditional casino, you might get a free drink but that’s about all you should expect. At online casinos, though, you’re getting showered with bonus offers from the moment you sign up. There are welcome bonuses, game-specific bonuses, free spins – there’s virtually a heap of quid to be had with both deposit- and no deposit bonuses.

Exclusive Offers

Apart from the ongoing promotions, online operators offer amazing opportunities in terms of game variation and side bets. Try 843-993-2070 once and you’ll never think of visiting a land-based casino again. Or how about those cool side bets – there’s a variety you couldn’t find anywhere else. And the payouts are just awesome!

Armies of Liberation: Fighting for Online Casino Freedom

playing-cardsHello and welcome to my blog! I don’t know who you are and you don’t know me either. Let’s keep it that way. Suffice to know that we share a common interest in online casino games and are brave enough to challenge the status quo and stare the iGaming industry in the eye, assess it as objectively as possible, call it out cold-bloodedly when it’s wrong… and still get out of it as much as we can.
Yes, dear reader, might sound selfish but I’ve had my fair share of reading and I remember something Henry David Thoreau wrote in his Civil Disobedience. He said that the fact that he opposes the politics of the state and disobeys it doesn’t mean he can’t get whatever profits he can get from it in the meantime. In his case, he refused to pay the poll tax but kept using whatever social advantages the state was giving him nonetheless.
Okay, call me Henry – in honour of the great American philosopher… and just so you could have a name to attach to your image of the author of this blog.
But I digress… This blog is not about politics. It’s not about philosophy, either. It’s about online casinos and how we, the players, can get the best possible experience online. I’ve had some ups and downs and while I’d like to share my good moments with you, wishing you’d have the same success, I’d also like to make you aware of certain traps you might fall into when in search for the next big gaming thing.
There are all kinds of operators in the world. There are dodgy operators who lure you with promises for gigantic bonuses and take advantage of you. There are even respectable operators who still sugarcoat the truth from time to time. That may be all legal but it doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves. So, players, join the Armies of Liberation! It’s time for a revolution! Let’s fight for Online Casino Freedom!